Relationship: Im/migrant

        There are two events that keep a fresh memory in my life when I celebrated the festival with my family. The food is delicious named Zongzi and the Festival is a famous Festival called Dragon Boat Festival. Both were made from China Traditional Culture, which is worthy forever to commemorate. 

        When I was a little girl around seven, my grandmother let me notice to Zongzi. That is my first time trying it. Yummy! Zongzi was made of sticky rice and wrapped in bamboo leaves. Because my grandmother always cooks food for family and shares it with her friends, some cooking steps leave an impression in my mind. Although I can’t remember the whole cooking process, I didn’t give up and have a curious heart focusing on why many people eat the same food Zongzi on the same day each year. 

        As I grew up a primary girl, my grandmother told me about the Festival Event about Zongzi. Zongzi is one way of celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival, which commemorates a great ancient Qu Yuan. He is a grant poet. He was so loyal to his country and King, but died in the river due to his sadness. Because the King’s Country would be destroyed by others. Not only eating food, but people also often do some activities to express missing and remove bad things. For instance, dragooning the boat race, making sachets and writing calligraphy on the forehead. 

          A long time has passed; I always recall my grandmother when I touch some special delicious food. I would like to share more yummy foods from different countries with grandmother. Because flavorful food always leads people to fresh memories. 


Place(s): CHINA

– SH

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant