Thiebou dieune

Relationship: Im/migrant
Thiebou dieune also called rice and fish
Thiebou dieune also called rice and fish

The food in my country is based on organic ingredients. It’s my favorite food because I have been eating it my whole childhood. In Senegal they call it ‘’thiebou dieune ‘’ which stands for rice and fish. 
When my grandma makes it, it brings joy in the whole family because it’s our favorite food. Sometimes in baby showers we make it for lunch. It connects to me because I grew up in Senegal and I have been eating it and whenever you pronounce food in Senegal that’s the first name you will hear because we cook it a lot there. This is a part of our history. In the future I would like to teach my children and grandchildren how to make it and how to respect their cultures because every person's culture and values make them wonderful.

Place(s): Senegal
Year: 2019

– BD

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant