Decorative Eggs

My dad’s side of the family comes from an Italian origin.  My great great grandmother immigrated to the United States from Sicily in 1910, when she was about 19-years old.  She had a hobby of making small decorative eggs.  She made a bunch of them with many different themes and styles.  She originally started out by making soaps, but in 1968, she started creating these eggs.  When she passed away, it was my great grandmother’s job to pass down these eggs for generations.  They are now in my home, 49 years later and soon me or my sister will pass them down to our children.  The egg shells are decorated with many strings of beautiful beads and ribbons.  It is covered in golden details and flowers.  The center of the egg is hollowed out, revealing a center stage themed based on various holidays, such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas.  My personal favorite is the one themed for Valentine’s Day, because I think the colors work so well together and the tiny white roses around the edges look really nice.  The eggs make me feel closer to my Italian relatives that are no longer with us.  I’ve never been able to meet them, so it’s nice that I get to see their creations.  They are truly beautiful eggs and I hope that many people after me in my family will get to see them.  

Place(s): Sicily,Italy
Year: 1910

– Giana L.

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more