Curry Goat

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Curry Goat
Curry Goat

By Kyle Book
Hello, my name is kyle and my “object” is Curry Goat!
Curry Goat originated in India but is very popular in Jamaica. It is used as a source of food, of course. It was a type of food for special occasions. The way you make curry goat is with curry powder, water, goat, potatoes, and some other stuff I don't know about. I need to ask my mom how to make curry goat because I want to know how to make it. 
The reason I chose curry goat is because when my grandfather was still alive, he loved curry goat and my mom would cook it every Christmas. I really miss my grandfather. Curry goat is a main dish at Christmas dinner in my house and we would have it with a feast with rice and beans. Sometimes Christmas feels like Thanksgiving. My family has two feasts a year: Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sometimes we have curry goat at both those feasts. Every year we have curry goat at Christmas. 
I have a few thoughts about my family tradition of eating curry goat at Christmas. Who was the first person to make curry goat in my family? Who started this “tradition”? How and why did curry goat get big in Jamaica? How old was my mom when she learned how to make curry goat?  

Place(s): Jamaica
Year: 2008

– KB

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant