Poisson Braise

Poisson braise
Poisson braise

  I have decided to talk about Ivorian food. It is called ‘’Poisson braise’’. In English we say braised fish. My Mom used to make it on the special occasions like holiday. Or birthday. In my country everybody eats that because it is the most popular food. But my Mom does in its own way. As she liked to tell me it is Grandma’s secret. I love Poisson braisé especially when it’s Mom who did it. How she makes it, she makes the seasoning with: garlic mustard, parsley, salt onion. She mixes everything then put it the fish on the aluminum trays and leave it about 20min to let the seasoning infuse into the fish. After she puts the fish on the grill and let for 35-40 min. After cooking, ready to eat. We put on the fish fresh onion, tomatoes, pepper cucumber finely chopped. And now I am going to tell you how it tastes it is good. Really good the fish taste like crunchy with a savoring smell. The fresh vegetable with the Vinagre give a perfect taste. We eat it with plantain or cassava. My Mom also taught me how to do it by myself. 

Place(s): ivory coast

– livia24

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