Relationship: Im/migrant

The object I chose is a musical instrument descended from the family of the guitar called cuatro, which has been the typical instrument of my country, Venezuela. The instrument consists of four strings of gut or nylon and its shape is similar to that of the ukulele, this instrument plays an important role in the plains of Venezuela, as time has gone by becoming more relevant and being an instrument Accompanied I arrive at the seat of solo instrument. In my family this instrument has been of great importance since many of the members of my family are musicians, my uncles, my grandfather, my grandmother, my aunt and my cousin. This instrument has a value for me, mainly, for the part sentimental since my dad gave it to me and also because with it, I feel a part of my country in physical with me. My experience with this instrument is basic but my goals are based on learning and perfecting the instrument. Since I was little I was always curious about how difficult it would be to learn to play this instrument (Four) since I saw my grandfather on Christmas playing it, and he was my inspiration to get involved with the music and want the instrument. 

Place(s): Venezuela
Year: 2008

– Ildemaro Castillo

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant