Croix D'Agadez

It was few year after my father arrived to the country that all this happened. Migrating in New york City, my father did not have any friends except his best friend Barbara who migrate to the united from mexico when she was 21. She was the only friend he knew and the only adviser . Yet, all these came to an end when the terrible event happened. Barbara was sexually abused and due to the fear of not being deported, Baraba did not know what to do. Should she go to the doctor and visit herself, should she called the police but she knew better, she knew that if she called the police, she might be ask for documentation which she doesn’t have. For that, Barbara decided not to tell anyone which made my dad very mad, he could not understand how severe the government was. She could not work, she was very stress. My dad decided to find a new house and move so that he will not be a bagages on her shoulder. Even though he left, they were still friends until my dad received a phone call few year later saying that Barbara was deported. He was very furious, unfortunately he could not go visit her parent due to fact he himself did not have him greencard to leave the country. He ends up taking care of Barbara’s siblings. When I asked him about some memories he has about Barbara here is what he said “ Les croix D’Agadez” I responded how? How are these object remind you of her he said these object were the first things they shopped together.

Year: 2016

– Ismael Ali Moussa

Relationship:  unknown unknown