Two Lovers Point

Relationship: Im/migrant

The artifact, Two Lovers Point, originally came into my family when my dad lived in Guam. His father, my grandfather, was part of the Air Force and was stationed there for about four years. While there they went to a place on the island called “Two Lovers point”.  They later learned about the story behind the name. It is about two people who fall in love but aren’t aloud to be together so they tied their hair together and jumped off a cliff. It shows a Spanish soldier and a native women so it is educational.  And so one day my dad and his family went to a street market and found the storyboard and my grandparents bought it then gave it to my dad. It has been in my family's possession for about 35 years or so. It is made of wood and it was hand carved. It is used as a picture or it could set up on a shelf for display. In Guam Two Lovers Point is very important to the culture, it happened when Guam was part of Spain and under Spanish rule. Currently Two Lovers Point is a tourists spot and many people visit. This object identifies with me because it is a part of my dad’s life, and my aunts, uncle, and grandparents life growing up and living in Guam. That is also why it is important to me.

Place(s): Guam
Year: 1986

– Sophie Ayer

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant