Coss Anderson's Gun

My great, great grandfather was Coss Anderson. He had a brother named William Anderson. Coss was a doctor who worked out of a covered wagon while William was a member of the Quantrill Riders, a gang of outlaws. William was also known as one of the most brutal and deadliest pro-Confederate leaders during the Civil War. When the Quantrill Riders dismembered William joined the Younger-James gang with the famous Jesse James and his brothers. As the Younger-James gang would rob banks and trains many of the members would sustain injuries and need a doctor, that’s when they would go to Coss. Because of Coss’ service to the gang, Franklin James (brother of Jesse James) gave him a revolver with a pearl handle and notches in the barrel. Coss had been married 5 times and died at the age of 98 when he was chopping down trees and one fell on him but didn’t kill him. The falling tree did cause him injuries so he decided to sleep under his wagon for a good 4 nights where he died. The revolver was then passed down through the family and now it is with my great uncle Bubba. This object is important to me because it shows my roots and my family history. The revolver connects me with my identity of being an American.

– Chandler Eby

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