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Dylan: a familiar name in this foreign country compared to his birth name. Its meaning “son of the sea” was “cool” and became the new name he adopted. Dylan arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport on January 9, 2014 before his 18th birthday. He left behind his college entrance exam scores in search of another chance. He was “excited”, but with that, came responsibility, consequences, and independence. His last bit of dependency gave him a roof over his head at his dad’s friend’s place in Flushing while paying rent. There, he kept to himself in his room. His first trip to Long Island University became an hour walk to campus, but he did happily consume a ton of scrambled eggs at orientation. His stay at LIU was short as tuition was high. Dropping out of college made him an undocumented immigrant, but Dylan didn’t think much of it. He got his driver’s license and worked at his dad’s friend’s scrapyard. That’s when Dylan got arrested for buying stolen goods at the scrapyard. Instead of worrying about getting sent back to China, he was scared by the sight of criminals with their ankles cuffed, conversing about drugs and crimes. After getting his first criminal record, he got married and obtained his conditional green card. Back to college, he stayed at Monroe College for one semester. He decided on his final college, CUNY Baruch, for a career in the financial industry. Even with a criminal record in the way, Dylan continues to pursue his desired career. 

Place(s): Flushing, NY
Year: 2014

– Helen Zhou (audio is song by 费翔 Kris Phillips called 故乡的云 Hometown Cloud; this song describes Dylan's feelings ever since coming to New York)

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