Hi, my name is Ollie, I’m in 5th grade, And this is my “Your story, our Story” project. Have you learned about slavery in one of your school years? I did, this year, and if you did too, then you know that money was a big object for slaves, and they didn’t have much of it. I’m telling you this, because my object for my project is coins.        These are coins that have been passed down for generations to my ancestors on my Dad’s side, from the 1800s. There’s one buffalo nickel that’s made of nickel, and a half cent that is made of copper, and a penny that's made of nickel and copper. I was there when my grandma gave these coins to my Dad, and when I was thinking of an item for this project, my Dad reminded me of them. 
    I think these coins are really cool because they’re like a connection to my relatives that I never got to meet. The coins have been passed down from my great great Grandmother, to my great Aunt, to my Grandmother, to my Dad. Looking at the Native American on one of the coins, led to me finding out that my great great Grandmother was part Cherokee Indian. And I really want to learn more about that side of my family. Through this project,  I’ve learned a little more about my ancestors, and I’m glad about that.      

Place(s): New York

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Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more