Brass Chicken Foot

 My family has lived in the US since the 1800s so we do not have a very rich history of immigration because it was so long ago. We also don't have very many old objects that represent our family or its history. One object that we do have that is about 10 years old is this brass chicken foot candle holder. Every year we get together on Christmas Eve and we do a Chinese Gift Exchange. One year my dad brought this because he is SO bad at buying gifts. Ever since then, people pass it back and forth every year at Christmas. It is always a fun surprise to see who ends up with the chicken foot. Sometimes the chicken foot will disappear for a few years and everyone will forget who even has it, but it always shows back up! During one of its periods of absence, it was replaced by a circulating bottle of cane syrup (also gifted by my dad) which eventually went bad. The chicken foot is something that doesn't really hold any special meaning but everyone in my family knows exactly what it is every time they see it. Any new additions to the family are always so confused when we all start hollering over the chicken foot, and they require an explanation of our strange tradition. 

– Andie Roberson

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