Note to Nana

Relationship: Im/migrant

An object that tells the story of my immigration experience is a note by my little six-year-old cousin. The object is just a small piece of paper, but for me it’s more than this. The meaning is important to me because it looks amazing, beautiful and created with a lot of imagination and love. The note is from Colombia. When she gave me the letter, I thought that it was just a drawing. However, when I read it the next day, I was in shock that my little cousin had written me a letter expressing all her feelings and letting me know how much she would miss me and that she would pray every night so that I could be back in Colombia soon. This note reminds me of each second and day that I spent with her and my family. My experience of immigrating here has been hard. The life in New York is expensive and boring because I live alone here. In contrast, in Colombia I lived with all my family and my dogs who I miss, but I especially miss my crazy girl. However, I put her note in my room on the wall, so when I feel sad I just read it and start feeling safe and cozy.

Place(s): Colombia
Year: 2014

– Nancy Espinosa

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant