Coffee Beans


In 1966 Alfred Peet opened up a coffee-bar in the ghetto of California, bringing with him a lifetime of knowledge in the art of gourmet coffee, to a whole new population in the American west coast. Now 52 years later his dream continues its existence, and has spread internationally. This is where I come in. As a current employee in his namesake coffee-bar I've learned to appreciate and deeply value the commitment and ingenuity that Alfred brought with him to this country in the hopes of being successful in his business.  I myself am born to immigrant parents and continue to live in a community that thrives on the hard work and commitment of immigrants that very much like Alfred have opened their own business in the hope of sharing their knowledge with new people, and having their share of the American dream. I can speak, from personal experience, that even though it's been 52 years since Alfred opened his coffee-bar, the appreciation for his hard work and his immigrant roots are never forgotten. 

Place(s): Netherlands, Berkeley CA, Downers Grove IL

– Jojo

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