Somali Sambusas
Somali Sambusas

Have you ever tasted Sambusa? If not, seriously you should try eating it right NOW! Because you are going to appreciate what I am going to say! My family and I have started to eat Sambusas for as long as I can remember. Somali Sambusa has this texture and flavor that you can’t stop eating. The Sambusa are rolled and wrapped with seasoned ground beef and it is fried with sunflower or olive oil. This popular food is a traditional food in Somali.When people make Sambusa, each person makes different shapes and fillings. Therefore, anyone can eat it. Somali Sambusas are absolutely famous in restaurants. Now in the U.S. I fill my stomach with Sambusas during the month of Ramadan. My grandma taught the recipe to my mom then my mom taught it to me. Although I can make delicious Sambusa,I can’t reach the level they are at.  Sambusas are important to me because it is something that was passed down through my family . I prefer to teach my younger siblings how to make Sambusa. 

Place(s): Somali
Year: 2007

– S.Y.

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child