Claddagh Ring

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Silver Claddagh Ring, passed down
Silver Claddagh Ring, passed down

When I was younger, I remember seeing my mom’s ring and wishing I had one of my own just like hers. One day I had asked her if I could see it, so she took the ring off and put it on my finger. At the time, the ring was far too big to fit, but my mom had told me, “The ring will be yours the day the ring fits.” As I grew older, I learned more about it.  I learned that it was called a Claddagh ring which originated in Ireland, therefore, making the ring an Irish ring. I learned that the heart represents love, the crown represents loyalty, and the hands represent friendship. One day when I was around twelve years old, my parents decided to give me the ring. My mom had explained that my dad gifted her the ring when they first started dating and she has had it ever since. She told me that it was time for me to have it, that she doesn’t wear it enough anymore and would love to see it on me. I found that I was nervous to have the responsibility of keeping such an important thing safe. I began to wear it all the time, feeling proud to have such a special part of my family to be mine. The ring serves as a reminder of my parent’s love and loyalty to each other after everything they had been through. I hope to pass down the ring to my own children as my parents passed it to me. I hope to continue showing the strength and importance of love, loyalty, and friendship through the ring. 

– RF

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