In Attire

This little horse necklace has been bought by me for more than three years. In China, it is a tradition that people wear golden necklace or bracelet in their recurrent year in the twelve-year cycle, keeping the bad luck away. When my birth year, the year of horse, was coming, I planned to buy a gold necklace as an amulet with my first month salary. My mother and I spent almost a whole afternoon to choose this cute necklace, and later I had been wearing this gold necklace in the whole year of horse. When I came to New York, I decided to carried my little horse necklace as well. It’s not only an amulet and a memory for me, but also works as a reminder to remind me not to forget the beginner’s mind, the reason that I chose to quit my decent job, leave my comfort zone and be a student again after three-year-career. Even though I may encounter difficulties and maladaptation in the coming future, I believe I will try my best to overcome it, and this little thing will give me energy. So I consider this cute objcet as a witness for my new chapter.

Year: 2016

– Jade (Zhongjia Jin)

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