Christmas Parol

Relationship: Im/migrant
An image of the parol lit up.
An image of the parol lit up.

The iconic Filipino symbol of the Yuletide season is the Parol. Lighting up the streets of the Philippines as early as September, the Parol is a colorful, star shaped lantern traditionally made out of paper, string and bamboo. It can be made with any materials too, especially seashells, but the star should be present since it represents the hope of a bright future for the season and the new year. Before my parents immigrated to Chicago from the Philippines, we celebrated the Christmas season with extravagant and bright family parties, that would not be complete without our lanterns, in my hometown Iloilo City. When we moved to Chicago, we were still able to cherish our culture with a little piece of our traditions preserved in this one lantern from our past Christmas celebrations which my aunt brought a few years ago from her visit from the Philippines for our family to use. This parol is an important piece of our tradition as it contains substantial memories and as a result, my family and I can continue to remember and live on Filipino Christmas customs in Chicago.

Place(s): Philippines

– Mikaela

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