Sammy's Footprint

Family Artifact Paragraph
Family Artifact Paragraph

My family artifact is the carving of Sammy’s Paw Print. Sammy was our only pet. He was a black cat with a white spot on his chest. He died last year in 2018. I do not know who did it, but someone made a carving of Sammy’s Footprint. It is two inches tall and two inches wide, a blue-white color with Sammy’s Footprint in the middle. We all miss Sammy. One of the things I liked about Sammy was that when I was practicing piano, he would sit on the stool next to me. Another thing I liked about Sammy was if I did a certain hand motion, Sammy would walk over to me and start rubbing his face on me. We do not know what made him sick, but the doctor had to put this medicine into his body so he could die peacefully. The carving of his footprint is one of the memories of the only pet we had.

Place(s): Brooklyn, NY

– AA

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