Puerto Rican Flag

Relationship: Im/migrant

My object that I chose was the Puerto Rican flag. The Puerto Rican flag is important to me because it shows my nationality and shows where my roots came from. The Puerto Rican flag is made from fabric and is blue red and white with A white star. The Puerto Rican flag has a lot of meaning other than it representing the island. The Puerto Rican flag has 5 red and white stripes and has A white star within the blue triangle. The star means the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the triangle represents the three branches of government. The red stripes represent the blood from the warriors who fought and the white stripes represents peace and freedom. The Puerto Rican flag was sort of passed down to me because it was my first time ever going to the Puerto Rican day parade and my grandmother told me all about. The Puerto Rican is brought out the most when it's the day of the parade, it is also brought out a lot when it's Spanish heritage month. My connection with the Puerto Rican flag is a pretty good connection, I've only been to Puerto Rico once which was an amazing trip. Me being Puerto Rican make's me feel more of an American due to Puerto Rico being A US territory, also our culture in New York city is very big today in new York city. My family came from Puerto Rico to New York back in 1985.

Year: 1985

– Robert

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant