Christmas Ornaments

the Christmas ornaments
the Christmas ornaments

The items that I chose were Christmas ornaments that have been passed down to my mom. My mom got them from my grandma and my grandma received them from her mom. They have been passed down through three generations so far and I know I’m next. There are many different types of ornaments that were passed down and they are all very beautiful, but they are delicate and fragile. These ornaments are very special to me and my family because they are a way to celebrate family even when we are not all together. I don’t know much about my family history or where we came from other than that my mom’s side is from Irish descent and my dad’s side is from Scottish descent. When we get out these ornaments and decorate the tree with some of them we aren’t celebrating where we came from, but just our family as a whole and being thankful for each other. My family’s story is unique because although we don’t celebrate where we migrated from and where we came from, we still celebrate having each other. My family's story can connect with other family’s stories because there are many other people in the world that don’t know much about their heritage, but that it doesn’t matter and what matters is family being together and caring for each other.

Place(s): Home
Year: 1900

– Zada Craig

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more