Christmas Ornaments

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This is the ornament of our camper
This is the ornament of our camper

The objects that hold a lot of significance to me and my family are our Christmas ornaments.  The ornaments are special to my family for many reasons.  Some are ornaments that my brothers and I made in elementary school, like our clothespin Rudolphs, and popsicle stick Santas.  My mom still has ornaments that I made her ten years ago.  Others are commemorating special events.  My brothers and I all have ornaments from our first Christmases, and angels with our names on them.  We also had an ornament celebrating the Red Sox, and one from the time my mom and I saw the Nutcracker over Christmas.  We also have multiple camping ornaments.  Some look like our camper, and another has a cartoon family in a tent.  More of our ornaments are from our travels.  We have ornaments from Niagara Falls, Washington D.C., and the Grand Canyon.  On our recent trip to Florida, my mom picked up an ornament from the Kennedy Space Center.  These ornaments help our tree show who we are as a family, and picking out a new ornament whenever we travel is one of my favorite traditions.  

Place(s): Ireland, Quincy
Year: 1961

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