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This is the current team i play for
This is the current team i play for

 I love to play soccer, and you need a soccer ball to play soccer. It is just like basketball in basketball. I started to play soccer when I was five years old. I started at Simply Sports just doing classes. I got trophies every year. They had a white stand with a golden ball on top of it. Then I got a special three year player trophy. Then I moved on to a travel team called FFF academy NY. Now on Thursday, September twenty-three, I am trying out for the school soccer team. There are many different sizes for a soccer ball. I started out with a size three because I was at a younger age, then when I was eight I moved on to a size four. Now I have moved on to size five, which ages thirteen to professional level use. 80% of soccer balls were made in Pakistan, a country in Asia right next to India. The sports originally came from England but most material is in Pakistan. Each soccer season, the soccer ball changes its design. Even during the season, for special events like Christmas, they change the soccer ball design. Also in tournaments like the world cup, there is a new soccer ball. In the Champions League, there is a different ball in the playoffs than there is in the group stages.

Place(s): England, Pakistan, NYC

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