Christmas Meal

Relationship: Im/migrant
Christmas is an amazing day.
Christmas is an amazing day.

           My parents came to the United States when they were nineteen. My father came a year before where he soon learned how to cook and went to the James Madison High School, which is now a university. When my mother came to the United States, my parents had a new beginning. On December 24, 2003, my sister was born and my mom decided to start a new tradition, When my sister turned one, my mom threw her a birthday party and the family had their first ever family Christmas dinner, and the new tradition was born. 
         Christmas is a very important day for my family. Christmas allows us to make a variety of foods and brings the family together to enjoy the food, but there is one special food that everyone enjoys the most. My mother and father love to cook, especially for holidays, but these sandwiches are one of the best things my mom can make. When my mom makes these sandwiches, everything has to be perfect and the sandwiches need to have the perfect condiments. These sandwiches have been part of this holiday for years and it would be sad not to have them at the family Christmas dinners because they are delicious and everyone enjoys them.

Place(s): Winchester, Virginia
Year: 2003

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Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant