White Chocolate
White Chocolate

My family has had some of the best fudge recipes. You taste one you would never want to stop eating it.  It’s so sweet and so so fudgee. The recipe has been in our family for 70 years.  This is a great memory I will have and of course I love the fudge.Sometimes you can also have fudge with nuts like walnuts and cashews or peanuts. Sometimes it could be this fudge or the white one which is more milky.  It can also be the vanilla fudge. Also the fudge where there is like pieces of fruit in the fudge. The chocolate fudge or the optional one with fruits and nuts is amazing. Some other types of fudge that we make are:   

  • Milk fudge which is called Peera 
  • Candy cane swirl fudge.  
  • My favorite is the white chocolate cookie dough fudge and the peanut butter fudge. I usually eat it in the summer cause my family brings some down from Guyana.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Part of the history of Guyana can be dated back to 1466.  This is when Guyana De Ojeda's first expedition arrived from Spain at the Essequibo River. The history of Guyana has been shaped by the participation of many national and ethnic groups, as well as the colonial  of the Spanish, French, Dutch, and British.

    – Anthony Small

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