Bring Warmth Home


The story about my nana's coffee cake recipe goes way back. My grandmother on my dad's side of the family was always the cook and baker for as long as my dad can remember. When my two older siblings were born, they always called our grandmother nana. When I was born sadly I never was able to meet my grandmother, nana! My nana passed away when my older brother was just 2! Ever since finding out about my nana and her recipes, I was excited to hear that she passed down her recipes to all the family members and my mom passed it down to me. Every time we make her coffee cake, I can feel her there with us every step of the way! We bring a little warmth home every time we make her recipes. Even though I never got to meet my nana, I know she's looking down on me every step of the way and smiles when we make her famous coffee cake! I love you nana! 

Place(s): Home

– Rachel Kromka

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