My object is called a chiva (che-ba). My parents got this chiva from Colombia. It is used for public transportation to travel to the mountains and throughout. Its used in Colombia and Ecuador. It is a chassis bus with a modified body made out either metal or wood. The seats are bench like, made out of wood, and with doors instead of windows. The bus is painted colorfully usually with the colors yellow, blue and red, colors of the flag of Colombia.The owner or driver usually gives the vehicle a unique nickname. I chose this object because it represents a symbol of Colombian culture. Its important to me because it reminds me of my grandma because I went on a chiva with her. The chiva is connected to my mother because when she was young she used to go on a chiva. My mom immigrated to the US in 1998. My father has been here longer than her, but not by much. The chiva brings me happiness because it reminds me of the good times in the beautiful country of Colombia. I have great memories of Colombia with my family. It reminds me of my trips to Colombia. We go to Colombia every Christmas and every summer. It’s important for my family to have strong ties to Colombia though we live in America.

Year: 1998

– Charlize

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