Grandpa's 1970 Camaro

V8 and automatic transmission
V8 and automatic transmission

This 1970 Camaro represents my grandpa’s success after when he came from Michoacán, Mexico. My grandpa did not have it easy when he got to California illegally with his pregnant wife. He was busy paying bills, feeding the family, and supporting my grandma who would stay home to take care of three kids while he was the one bringing in money. My mom says she didn’t see too much of my grandpa during the day because he would get home at night. My grandpa was always in love with American muscle cars. So, when he got a stable job with good pay, he saved up to by himself this car as a trophy or symbol of his hard work. He passed away before I was born so I never got to meet him, but without him I wouldn’t be here writing this paper.

Place(s): Mexico and California
Year: 1967

– Francisco Verduzco

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant