Aluminum Pan

When my mother came into the American, she could only found the work in a restaurant tiny as a tenement because she doesn't had work experience. The boss didn’t like the employee was an immigrant, so they treated her in different way. She was wash the plates and vegetable, even know she wear the gloves during washing, it is like worm come to bit her hand. Also she made the dish, put it on the aluminum pan, take it to customers. She work hard and got paid $7.25 per hour, she said, “It was not fair for me to get less paid than other employees by do the same work, and sometime other employees have break and playing the phone instead work hard. In contrast, I am always serve the customer during work time.” Nine o'clock at night, just the moment she turn around and hear a noise sound, bowls on the aluminum pan had falls to the floor just like a kid falls to the ground, the clothing is dirt. The punishment was lose her wage and washed plates. In the morning, the winter breeze blew as if it was trying to suffocate people while taking away their body temperatures. There has too much smoke in the kitchen when chefs were cooking, the door which beside the kitchen was always opened, she wore gloves and washed the plates by used cold water and continued doing same thing in three days. Finally, she was sick because she worked in a bad condition place and she resigned. This object represents the strive and hardships of my mother. I hope you can treat immigrant in equally way.

Year: 2014

– Ling. C

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