Mexican Money (dinero)

My object is Mexican money. In Mexico we call money dinero, but the currency is called pesos (Pe-sos). It’s kind of hard to get used to the exchange rate from dollars to pesos. However, the easiest way I can understand it is: 10 dollars here is 100 pesos in Mexico, 1 dollar is 10 pesos and on it goes. I chose this object because I was just recently in Mexico with my brother for Christmas. My brother and I went alone because my mother had to stay in New York and work. We stayed with my abuela (a-bu-la), and she took care of us. She would send us to the store to buy supplies for our meals.My brother and I had to learn how to use the money really quickly. If we did not then we would be short changed and my abuela would be angry. I’m very proud of being Mexicano. I love both America and Mexico. When I am in Mexico I like to go outside with my brother and the other boys in the neighborhood and play futbol.

Year: 2015

– Steven

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