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Chess Set

My Great Grandma, named Rosina, was born in the Bronx in 1928. She was extremely giving, caring and welcoming. Every time someone would visit she would make everyone feel welcomed. She was always an extremely nice person, that made everyone happy and loved. After living her childhood in the Bronx, she moved to Staten Island, and she stayed there for the rest of her life. While visiting her we would play a lot of games together. We played card games such as war and Uno.  My great-grandma is Catholic and loves Christmas and its spirit. She has Italian descent and was married for the greater part of her 90-year-old life. She carries her ancestors' culture, in many mays, with her welcoming personality, and also her food preferences.  We also played chess, which ties into my object. The item of value is a chessboard/set. It was given to me before she passed, and she hoped I could find joy in it. She got the chess set while on vacation in Mexico. It is extremely old, however, it is still in pristine shape! The board is made from white and brown marble. It is very heavy and has an elegant feel. It is both smooth on the surface yet detailed on the many different pieces.  My Great Grandma used it more as decoration.  It has the smell of my great grandma's house, which helps me remember her.  Although it is not a tradition by any means, it still means a lot because it reminds me of my great-grandma and the great memories we had. Although I rarely use it, it is still a very cool item with sentimental value. It means a lot and I hope the rest of my family history can have this item.

Place(s): Italy, Mexico, New York


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