Relationship: Im/migrant
its a golden pendant with Jesus
its a golden pendant with Jesus

The golden chain means a lot to me, it's an object that was given to me by my grandma. The reason why it means a lot to me is that my grandma means everything to me and I only get to see her in some summers. The chain that was given to me meant so much because my grandma doesn't have money, but she did what she could to obtain the chain to give it to me. I told myself I would always carry the chain on me and I would never lose it because it was the only actual expensive thing my grandma has ever given me.  She works every night to make money and it means a lot to know that she worked hard to give me such a gift. When I carry the chain on me, not only is it a chain but a piece of my grandma that goes with me everywhere I go. My grandma will always mean everything to me and to keep her with me at all times. I wear the chain, I promised to never lose it, and never let someone take it or borrow it because it means everything to me.

Place(s): Mexico

– Francisco

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant