Ceremonial Pipe


The ceremonial pipe is sacred to Native people. The pipe is an old item of the culture. I am a Native American, so I am very familiar with the pipe. The pipe is used in ceremonies, a powwow or a family get together. Usually the pipe will be filled with a medicine sacred to the Native people, tobacco. The pipe is used for healing or blessing the food we eat, or the regalia that the dancers wear. Tobacco is for prayers to reach our spirits. The healing dress, or the jingle dress, is actually made out of a tobacco tin. The jingles make a beautiful noise to heal.The pipe is used for healing and prayers. You put the tobacco in the end of the pipe and you basically smoke it. As you smoke you are to be praying in either English or a Native language. You usually smoke it four times, North, South, East, and West. You don't stop until all the tobacco is smoked. The pipe man will pass it to the left of him and leads prayer. Everyone participates, unless you are on your moon, Kids are tapped on their shoulders. When you pass the pipe to the next person you turn the pipe clockwise. A pipe ceremony is usually for the family that is in need and there will be drums and food, and usually is a very good time with family.  At the end of the pipe ceremony the family and friends will make a plate of food for our ancestors. Elders usually get food first. In all a pipe is very spiritual.

Place(s): Minnesota

– Reshawn

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