This Photo shows a scapular and prayer
This Photo shows a scapular and prayer

I have at least 500 scapulars throughout my house. Scapulars are  well known as a western and christian garment that is often suspended from the shoulders. Furthermore, the image shown to the left is a picture of a scapular and a prayer that my grandmother passed down to my mom, and now down to my siblings and I. Back in the 1950’s my grandma moved here from Haiti. She gave birth to her first daughter in 1962, which also happened to be my mother. However, the story of my grandmother’s pregnancy is very special to my family history. In addition, the delivery of my mom was pretty difficult and grueling  to deal with.  At the same time, my grandmother had a lot of faith in believing in god to help her through these hard times. My grandmother believed in the “Lady of MT. Carmel”. Without a doubt, my grandmother will always believe in the saint of MT Carmel.  After she was pregnant with my mother she began to take her to the “Our Lady of MT. Carmel” church in Brooklyn. Secondly, my grandmother wanted my mom to do the same for her children, and that's exactly what we did. Every year , my family and I would travel to that church in Brooklyn because of how much it stood for and symbolized to my family. The scapular and that specific prayer will live on in my family history as it will continue to be passed down for generations.

Place(s): Brooklyn, New York
Year: 1960

– Rick Delatour

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant