Ceramic Angel

My family object is a ceramic angel that my grandmother has been collecting ever since she immigrated to the US. My family is from Colombia, a small country in South America on top of Brazil. My grandfather was the first of our family to immigrate to America in 1987. The rest of my family immigrated after he confirmed it was safe here. When my grandmother arrived here, she started to look for a church so she would be able to go to mass everyday. All around the city she started seeing these beautiful angels that were being sold, so she started collecting them. This was a short time after they settled into the US. She made my grandfather buy this big glass case so she could place all of the Catholic artifacts inside. For her they symbolize that her house was God's. This object makes me feel comforted because it makes me believe that God is here with me. This is my family object that has been in my family for over a decade.

Year: 1987

– Ariana Hazzard

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