La Sagrada Biblia

La Sagrada Biblia, The Sacred Bible
La Sagrada Biblia, The Sacred Bible

My friend Pascual and his family came to the United States for jobs and a better education. They immigrated from Guadalajara, Mexico. They wanted to travel to the United States in hopes of having a better future. They traveled to Tijuana and stayed at the “coyote’s” house for about a week, and then stayed at a hotel for another day or two.  After that, they were put in the back of an RV. She has always been religious, and had faith in God that they would get here safely. After driving through the border, the “coyote” took them to San Clemente, California, where his uncle picked them up. The lived in San Clemente for two years, and after saving up enough money they decided to move back to Mexico. After another two years of living in Mexico, Pascual’s parents filed for a tourist visa to go back to the United States. They overstayed their visas and applied for residency. Pascual and his family were able to stay in the United States permanently, because they were sponsored by his mom’s brothers, who had gotten married to United States citizens. Pascual clearly remembers his mom praying a lot throughout their journey here. She brought a bible from Mexico, and has had it for many years. 

Place(s): guadalajara, mexico, tijuana, united states
Year: 1996

– Jacqueline

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child