Catchupa and pilon


Cachupa is a kind food that most people in my country (Cabo Verde) make and they make  it  taste good because they add a lot of stuff to it like meat, beans, and basically different ingredients so it can taste good. I like cachupa because I can eat it in the morning with coffee. Not everybody likes cachupa, but you can make cachupa your way and add what you want in it.

Pilon is an object made of wood and many people in my country use it to grind different foods like coffee beans or corn. If you go to my country you would see many people have it.They have different sizes of pilon and I think if you want, you can make your own pilon. You can use pilon with a group of people at same time but they need to have their own pestle so they can grind the thing they have in pilon.

Place(s): Fogo Cape Verde
Year: 2014

– Eugenia

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