This is a blender in my country. We used it to cook and blend things like onions and all other stuff that needs blending. When me and my mom was coming to the united states, my mom bought a miniature one to bring with us and we bought it with from Guinea to the U.S. In my country, we use the big one to cook. We would sit around a fire and talk for hours. Sometimes cooking happens at night. We made lots of food and sometimes the moon would be out. It was chilly at night but we would still play running games. Everyone had smiles on their faces. Whenever I see this blender, I am reminded of our beautiful culture and all the wonderful memories we had in guinea. Even though now we use a blender with a button, whenever I see this blender, I am reminded of all the good times, and I want to go back to my country. I love my country and I love the people that I left behind, mostly my friends. I didn't have time to say goodbye to all of them, since my travel to the united states was so sudden. Everyday, I regret not saying goodbye to them, however, sometimes I also think that was for the best.

Year: 2013

– Ramatoulaye Diallo

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