Cash register

This is a cash register that was used by my great great grandpa, Phillip Slupski. After he migrated to Canada in 1903. He came over on the Lake Erie Steamship in steerage, which is the cheapest fare and is at the bottom of the ship. After he arrived in New Brunswick he went to Winnipeg where the Canadian government was giving out land for free. For a short time in Canada, he was a farmer. After he had enough money, he built the first store in Winnipeg which supported my family for two generations. This cash register was used by my great great grandpa,  my great grandma, and my mom. (When she visited my great grandma she worked at the store). After my great grandma died, it was passed down to my grandpa. He had my mom in Winnipeg, but she and her family moved to British Columbia in 1973 when she was six.  When she was 19 she came to New York City, where she is still living today. This object symbolizes my family's struggles and success, coming from present-day Ukraine all the way to NYC. It makes me remember that I am not just American. I have heritage from Canada and Ukraine among other places.

Place(s): New York, Canada, Ukraine
Year: 1903

– Isaac Abell

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more