Relationship: Im/migrant

My father was born in a village in China, not rich but good enough to finish college. He is the youngest child in his family. He once told me that people like him didn't expect much about themselves because of their status, they were destined to be normal for their whole live. He graduated in a well known school and became a college professor. After years of teaching, there was a trend going on in China, many people were going overseas to create their own businesses. My father's uncle, a successful architecture in Macao gave my father a free ticket to Venezuela, and that's where his journey begins. It was hard in the beginning, going to a country that discriminate and Chinese and not knowing well the language. He worked as a waiter in Caracas for some years, then he met my mother, got engaged, and opened their first restaurant. Everyday was work, more work, and then some more work, they were so busy that my brother and I spend most of our childhood with some elders. Caracas was too competitive, so we moved to a small city called El Tigres, and that's where my parents got their first bucket of gold. They were able to bring my mother's brother and parents, soon they gave the restaurant to my uncle, and opened another one in a nearby town called Anaco. My father had an easy life comparing to my mother. She was also born in a village, but she was the oldest child. She had to farm at a young age and dropped out of school in order to support the family by going to work.

Place(s): Venezuela
Year: 1989

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Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant