The Necklace of Freedom

This necklace is a representation of my mom’s freedom as she was making her way to the United States. My mom is a very hard working lady who wants me to be the first to go to college and succeed. She is from El Salvador and was raised there. She wanted me and my brother to be raised in the United States. This necklace was the item that she took as she made her journey through the Mexican borders and into the US illegally. This necklace contributes to me because it is a symbol of the hard work my mom is doing even today. She made it here so I can succeed, and for my very ancestors from El Salvador and in the US. Most likely, this was considered as her dream since she wanted to come to the US. The feeling that I always have with this is that she is proud of both this country and El Salvador’s heritage. It’s significant to me due to the fact that I’m Salvadorian-American and I will make the dream of my mom a reality.

Year: 2003

– Derick C.

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