Relationship: Im/migrant

My name is Nomiki and I am Greek. Back in 2011 I decided to come to NY to study. My parents were very happy about my choice. At the beginning everything was so exciting and dreamlike. What none of us could have predicted is that the economy in Greece would go so bad that would totally change the scene for me and my family. My mother was an owner of two private schools and one coffee shop and my dad a higher level police officer. My mom's clients started not paying her for a long time. With that being said, even though that was very hard for her she decided to close down all of her business before she gets below zero. Her business was hardly making any profit at that point and expenses would never stop. That did not affect only her but the whole family. It was very hard under those circumstances to maintain two separate households. For that reason my parents decided to do something very brave that I don't know even if I would ever do for my kids and that I will always be grateful about. They decided to move in New York and support me and my studies. My dad did not speak a word of English and from being a highly respected police chief he now became a plumber (I do not mean to say anything bad about being a plumber - I am just emphasizing the change of social status). My mom did so many different jobs; from being a tutor, to a book-keeper and then a Crepe Store manager). It was all about that cap and gown.. It was all about me graduating.. and finally I am!

Year: 2011

– Nomiki Kopanezou

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant