Butterfly Wind Chime


I don’t remember much from my time as a youngling. This is one of the only things that signifies my childhood for me. My mother has only worked for one thing, that being that we have a childhood nothing like hers. Growing up money was tough to come by, so I didn’t have as much toys as a child might have. I remember this one day after her work my mother came home with this box in her hand. Me being the curious cat I am, I plunged towards her asking what was in the box. She pulled out this item and said “Idalisse esto significa todo que nosotros amos pasados.”(this item signifies all we have been through). The butterflies were something my mother connected with beauty as a child. At times when she was sad and family times were bad she would look at the butterflies that passed through the mountains of Ponce Puerto Rico to remind her that her future would be free just like the butterflies. She told me our pasts might be ugly but our futures will be beautiful. So any time when I feel broken down, upset, or mad I see this and it reminds that even though my situation isn’t the best, it could be worse.

Place(s): Puerto Rico; America
Year: 2004

– I

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child