Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Marbles are small little balls.
Marbles are small little balls.

My mom and dad came to America from Mexico to have a better and more successful life. They wanted me to have a better life because I was on the way. They wanted me to have everything they didn't have because they didn't want me going through their struggles. They arrived in 2000. 2 months after being here in America, my mom gave birth to me. Before coming here my dad took a little something to remind him and my mom about their home country. My dad dug up his marbles from when he was a little kid. Marbles was a huge part in my dad's and my mom's life because all they had before was marbles to entertain themselves. So my dad took marbles with him to remind them a little of home when at America. My mom's sisters were waiting at America to help us out. They let my parents sleep at their place until my parents were able to afford their own house. They helped my parents get jobs. My mom got a job at manhattan at some donut place. My dad got a job at some grocery store at first. But later on he found a better job at this restaurant because he loved to cook. To this day he still works at that restaurant. He started from being at the bottom to being the head soup chef. Every time christmas came around, everyone in the family would play the game marbles and sometimes on special family events. After a good 4-5 months, my parents rented a apartment. And then later on my sisters came into the picture. Marbles was a huge factor in my family. It reminds my parents about their home country. 

Year: 2000

– Victor

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant