Bun and Cheese

Something that represents my culture is Bun and Cheese. Bun and cheese is mostly eaten by a lot of Caribbean places. On every Easter holiday my mother would often eat bun and cheese in Jamaica. The bun is thick dark bread made with cherries or different fruits with a thick slice of cheese. It used to be a holiday tradition but then it just became a part of our regular day. This represents us because almost all of us eat it a lot. When I would go to school or go home, my mom would give it to me every day. It became a food I started to love and eat often. The bun can be eaten as a snack or a desert because of the fruits that come in it. After we came to New York I started to buy it at Golden Crust or any Caribbean store. It is a very big deal in almost every Caribbean island I know.

Year: 1998

– Quliek J.

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