bumpkin dress

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dressed for the school's June Festival
dressed for the school's June Festival

 If a Bumpkin Dress could talk…
“Vestido Caipira”, a bumpkin dress in a literal translation, is a typical attire that girls wear during June Festival - one of my favorite celebrations in Brazil. The festival happens all around the country (schools, clubs, neighborhoods) during the month of June. Traditionally, June Festival celebrates Saint John (from Catholicism) but also it celebrates the end of the rainy season (especially in the Northeast of Brazil), rural life, and the beginning of the harvest. A bumpkin dress brings me good memories of my childhood - all the festivals I’ve been part of, the delicious food and great dance and music - in a way that all my senses become ready to draw a big picture in my mind. Corn on the cob, popcorn, sweet corn cakes, “curau” (another typical treat made of  corn), just to name a few of the yummy things, make me salivate. I know I’m talking about the dress but it’s difficult to control all those memories.   In this picture, my daughter and her friends are dressed to celebrate June Festival in their school. You can notice different colors, textures, lots of lace, but more than little details in their dresses, you can see how happy they are. And happiness, as the feeling that spreads in June Festival, is what I am feeling now, while describing the bumpkin dress for you.

Place(s): Brazil

– Dolina Sol Pedroso de Toledo

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