King Christian X brooch

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Relationship: Im/migrant

The lapel pin or brooch with the emblem of Dannebrog (the Danish flag) & insignia of King Christian X was worn by many Danes during the Nazi occupation of Denmark in WWII as a sign of patriotism in solidarity & honor of the King. This particular brooch with inscription was given to me after the liberation of Denmark (May 5, 1945) as appreciation of my participation in the junior division of "De Danske Kvinders Beredskab" (Women's Auxiliary of the Resistance Movement) during the Nazi occupation.  I came to America in 1949 and I wear  this pin when I make presentations about life in Denmark during the occupation and liberation.  Sometimes I wear it on a chain as a necklace. 

Place(s): Denmark
Year: 1949

– Lis Jorgensen

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant