In Attire
Relationship: Im/migrant

To me my Brother was my best friend. We would often go places together with our older Sister and we would be able to talk about anything with each other. When he passed away just five days before my birthday I was crushed. It felt like my heart just stopped beating when I heard the news. I just couldn’t believe that he was no longer going to be on this earth anymore. Unfortunately E-coli was a big thing in 2015 and he wasn’t able to fight it so it ended up taking his life. While me and my parents were looking through his room we found a box in a finish line bag and then we opened the box only to find a pair of sneakers in it with a Happy Birthday card. Tears came out of eyes when I read the card. This was the best present that I could have ever gotten. I know these are just a pair of sneakers that you can find anywhere, but this was a present from a person that I deeply care about who is no longer with me and who wasn’t able to tell me Happy Birthday and give me the present himself. These sneakers that I got as a Birthday gift from my Brother represents to me all the fun memories we would have in just my 11 years of knowing him. 


Place(s): Brooklyn, NY
Year: 1993

– Tashana

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant