A piece of my culture

In Attire
Relationship: Im/migrant

This piece of clothing has a huge representation of my cultural background. It represents a part of me that keeps me connected to my homeland, Pakistan. When I wear this article of clothing, whether  it be on holidays or special events, it gives me a sense of comfort and warmth. Everyone back home wears this kind of clothing on a day to day basis. Even though I am far away from home, this traditional clothing makes me feel like home is right in my closet. It reminds me of the hardships that my parents faced in the process of assimilating to the American culture.  As well, it makes me feel closer to my grandma since she has always worn this, it makes me feel like I am with her . I have noticed over the past years how American culture has westernized the idea of Pakistani attire. Yes, it is more accepting now but it does not have the same rich cultural meaning. It has become a staple to the American culture and is slowly losing its value even in Pakistan. However, to me this will always make me feel closer to home, Pakistan. 

Place(s): Pakistan
Year: 2010

– F

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant