Blue Flower Dress

In Attire

My story i’m going to talk about is my little blue flower dress my grandma gave me when she was a little girl. When my grandma was little she had a baby blue flower dress when she grew out of it she gave it to my mom for me. My mom took some pictures of me in the dress. I tried to get a picture of my grandma in the dress but she couldn’t find it and the picture was in black and white. My grandma still has the dress in her dresser, she told me when i get older and have a girl she will give me the dress to give to my daughter. When my daughter grows up and she has kids hopefully the dress passed on from my grandma to my daughter to their daughter. The dress my grandma had means alot to me because its really nice how it gets passed on and I hope i’ll get to give it to my daughter.

– Katlynn Nunes

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